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Requesting Chamber Support

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Endorsement Requests


The Midway Chamber of Commerce (MCC) Board occasionally receives requests from its members asking them to take a position on certain issues, policies, or projects.  This document outlines the MCC’s process for developing a position on a request.

Process for Approval

  1. The member requesting support must send a request to the MCC’s Executive Director. The request must include:
    1. A description of the proposed issue, policy, or project that they would like the MCC to be in support of, or against.
      1. For real estate related requests, the following must be included:
        1. A site plan, survey, aerial photo, or other similar graphic showing the project in relation to neighboring properties and,
        2. A description of the current land use regulation (i.e. land use, zoning, etc.) and any variations or deviations that will be requested from the governing bodies.
      2. A copy of any written applications or other submissions to any governmental body related to the matter, or access to electronic copies of the same.
      3. The requesting member’s position on the issue and the rationale for the position.
      4. Identification of all known stakeholders in opposition to the member’s position.
      5. The date by which action from the MCC is needed. The request must be given to the MCC at least 30 days prior to the date it is needed.
      6. A list of known state, city, county departments or neighborhood groups they are working with and their contact information.
      7. Letters of support or opposition they have already received.


  1. The MCC is unable to move forward with a request, unless the above information is provided. The MCC will email the requestor and provide them this policy to ensure the above information has been received.


  1. Once the above information has been received, the MCC may perform the following due diligence:


    1. Reach out to members that could be impacted by the request. Record whether they are in support or against the issue or project, as well as any additional feedback.
    2. Reach out to non-member Midway stakeholders that could be impacted by the request. Record whether they are in support or against the issue or project, as well as any additional feedback.
    3. Reach out to state, city, county departments or neighborhood groups that may already be doing some work in the subject area and get their feedback and backstory on what has been taking place.


  1. If possible and time permitting, invite someone to speak to the group on behalf of the subject or against the subject so we have the ability for a Q and A.


  1. Once MCC’s due diligence is completed, the board will deliberate on the issue and decide what action, if any, to take.


  1. The board will notify the requestor of its decision as soon as reasonably possible after a decision is made by the Board.


    1. The criterion upon which a decision will be made will include, among other things, the following:
      1. Negative or positive impacts on other people, organizations and neighboring properties,
      2. Consistency with MCC’s vision and mission in the Midway


  1. If the Board has taken a position on the same or similar issue in the past, after following this procedure, it is not necessary to repeat the endorsement process to provide continuing expressions of support about an issue. The question of whether the issue is the same or similar may be made either by: (i) the Executive Director in consultation with the Executive Committee, if time is of the essence; or (ii) by the Board of Directors.

Adopted by the Midway Chamber Board of Directors May 18, 2018