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Membership Benefits

The Midway Chamber represents over 360 businesses and organizations that are dedicated to Building A Stronger Midway by being a catalyst for economic development, connecting employers with resources to recruit and retain a productive workforce, and providing services that help members grow their business.

  1. Build a network of business contacts to help you compete in our fast-paced world. Chamber members do business with other Chamber members. The Chamber provides many opportunities to promote your business, products, or service.
  2. Take advantage of Chamber programs to grow your business including the following:
    • Access to over 360 Midway businesses.
    • Free listings in the Midway Chamber’s Membership and Community Directory, which is distributed to 20,000 area residents and businesses.
    • Online listing directory, which receives on average 737,000 hits per year
    • Free recognition in the Chamber newsletter.
  3. To support an organization that gets the attention of public policy-makers and others whose decisions impact the Midway business community.  The Midway Chamber is your best advocate to ensure that business interests are protected. For example, the Chamber was active as a business advocate in the Green Line planning process, as well as welcoming the Minnesota United.
  4. To enhance the business climate in the Midway. The Midway competes for public investments in roads, transit, pollution cleanup, industrial parks and re-development. If you want your company to be in an area that is prospering, attracting business, is clean, safe, and enhances your property values, you need to invest in the Midway Chamber. The Chamber will ensure that our community gets its fair share of public infrastructure, public services, and private investment.
  5. To access valuable tools for your business, including: assistance in finding property and financing for business expansion; and recruitment, training and retention of a productive workforce. The Midway Chamber helps growing companies find expansion space and public funds to grow and prosper.
  1. Mailing labels and list: For a very low cost, Midway Chamber members can purchase labels and lists of all the Chamber members to promote their goods and services.
  2. Membership Community Directory: An effective way to increase your business’ visibility, the Chamber directory is hand-delivered to more than 17,000 Midway residences and more than 3,000 Midway businesses.
  3. Online Directories: Each member’s contact information and direct link to the Chamber member’s web site is listed on the Chamber’s website at The online directory receives a yearly average of 737,000 hits.
  4. Midway Avenues: An effective way to reach more than 1,200 Midway business people is through the Chamber’s weekly online newsletter, Midway Avenues.
  5. Member Participation in Chamber Events: Chamber events include monthly luncheons, seminars, after-hours networking, annual celebration, golf tournament and many others. These events provide a great opportunity for networking with other businesses in the area. For a more in-depth look at specific Chamber events please see our events page.
  6. Certificate of Origin. A Certificate of Origin is a document required by foreign governments that validates the country of origin of where the product was manufactured. The Certificate of Origin must be signed by the exporter and then validated by a locally designated agency such as the Midway Chamber of Commerce in order to be acceptable and valid.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some countries will accept goods without Certificates of Origin, but will charge higher tariffs, assess financial penalties, and/or delay goods at customs. To have the Midway Chamber sign your Certificate of Origin form, please email or call 651.646.2636. 

    Sample Form:

  1. Advocacy: The Chamber advocates for Midway businesses on issues related to redevelopment, zoning, licensing and other challenges to ensure a healthy and vibrant business climate. The Chamber also advocates policy positions which it believes will enhance the Midway business community, including those on: taxes, transit jobs, brownfield redevelopment, among others.
  2. Educational Seminars: To help members keep up on business trends and opportunities the Chamber presents periodic seminars. These are usually with a panel of speakers who specialize in the discussion topic.