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Midway Relief Resources

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and the rioting and protesting that has affected so many beloved local businesses, the Midway Chamber stands steadfast in supporting the community and our members during these unsettling times. We will continue to strive to supply you with info and resources to help navigate this sensitive time of recovery and we know our resilience will come through stronger than ever together.

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Statement by Midway Chamber

Our community is experiencing pain, anger, and sadness from the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This has led to both peaceful protests and violence in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. As Mayor Carter said, the situation in our city is “heartbreaking”, and “destroying places we rely on for jobs, food, and medicine won’t help us prevent it from happening again.” The Midway Chamber is here for our community—its amazing residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We stand ready, as always, to support our community any way we can.

The Midway neighborhood has always been strong. Part of our strength comes from our compassion and care for our neighbors. The Midway Chamber cherishes these qualities of our community. With that same strength, compassion, and care, we will work with our government, our people, and our for-profit and nonprofit businesses to get through these difficult times, learn from them, and come out even stronger on the other side by being part of a healing rebuilding process, and reducing disparities for all.


How Do I Help?

The Midway Chamber is fortunate to have several members specializing in service areas that could aid member businesses affected by protester damage.

Businesses Offering pro-bono services to aid restoration & recovery

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