Automated Payment Options For Dues

    The Midway Chamber of Commerce offers two new automated credit card payment plans for your membership dues. Under these optional plans, you can elect to have your membership dues automatically charged to your account on either a monthly or quarterly basis.


    Payment Plans will include a $2.00 per transaction charge. Member changes to plans must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the effective date of requested change. The Midway Chamber may adjust the payment on an annual basis with a written notice to members. Sample monthly payment amounts are listed below:


    For Profit                        
    # of Employees        Annual Dues     Monthly Dues         Quarterly Dues          
    1-5                          $300                 $27.00/month        $77/quarter
    6-15                        $325                 $29.10/month        $83.25/quarter
    16-24                      $375                 $33.25/month        $95.75/quarter
    25-34                      $460                 $40.30/month        $117/quarter
    35-49                      $530                 $46.20/month        $134.50/quarter
    50-75                      $620                 $53.70/month        $157/quarter
    76-99                      $650                 $56.20/month        $164.50/quarter
    100-249                  $730                 $62.80/month        $184.50/quarter
    250+                       $860                $73.70/month        $217/quarter

    Non Profit Organizations
    # of Employees        Annual Dues       Monthly Dues        Quarterly Dues
    1-24                          $250                  $22.80/month       $64.50/quarter
    25-49                        $275                  $24.90/month       $70.75/quarter
    50-99                        $300                  $27.00/month       $77.00/quarter
    101+                         $350                  $31.20/month       $89.50/quarter

    Contact chad@midwaychamber.com for details on this payment option.





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