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    Three Reasons To Join The Midway Chamber of Commerce Today!
    Join us for our 98th  year!


    You’re Busy…Let us be your advocate!
    There are significant planning processes, with all levels of government, currently taking place along the Green Line and the redevelopment near Snelling and University.  We want to be your advocate.

    You’re Busy…Let us be your network!
    Easily take advantage of our network to grow YOUR network!  There's always something happening at the chamber.

    You’re Busy…Let us provide you with new business opportunities!
    In addition to our networking events, your company is listed in our annual directory that is distributed to 20,000 area businesses and residents and listed in our online directory found at www.midwaychamber.com. 


    Midway Chamber Investment Schedule

    For Profit                        
    # of Employees        Annual Dues        
    1-5                            $280            
    6-15                          $300
    16-24                        $350
    25-34                        $430
    35-49                        $500
    50-75                        $580
    76-99                        $610
    100-249                    $680
    250+                         $800          

    Non Profit Organizations
    # of Employees        Annual Dues
    1-100                        $235
    101+                         $295


    Pick a payment plan that works best for you – Annually / Quarterly / Monthly


    Monthly and quarterly payments can be directly charged to your credit card- details here!


    For more information please contact the Midway Chamber of Commerce at 651-646-2636 or email chad@midwaychamber.com.

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