Midway Chamber of Commerce Board Chair

    Ted Davis

    Davis Communications






    Board of Directors


    Chris Albrecht

    Sunrise Banks

    Steve Anderson


    Tonya Bauer

    Saint Paul Port Authority

    John Bennett

    Western Bank

    Gail Cederberg

    American Engineering Testing  

    Keith Crep

    Anchor Bank

    David Dominick

    St. Paul Midway YMCA

    Sabrina Fay

    Thrivent Financial

    Jeff Fenske

    Fenske Law Office

    Chris Ferguson

    Bywater Business Solutions

    Amy Gage

    University of St. Thomas

    Courtney Henry

    Franchise Food Systems- McDonald's

    John Hoffman

    Ally People Solutions

    Steve Johnson


    Tony Johnson


    Dan Leggett

    Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions

    Matt Meyers

    Spire Credit Union  


    Cheryl O'Donnell

    Visual Communications

    Jim Pearson

    Xcel Energy

    Jamison Randall
    Latuff Brothers Auto Body

    Jim Wagner

    Espresso Services

    Emily Warner

    Warners' Stellian

    John Young

    Paramount Real Estate Corporation

    Mike Zipko

    Zipko Strategy




















































































































    Executive Committee Members

    Chair- Ted Davis
    Vice Chair- Chris Ferguson
    Past Chair – Jeff Fenske
    Secretary – Sabrina Fay
    Treasurer- Matt Meyers

    Development- Jamison Randall
    Economic Development- Gail Cederberg, John Young

    At-Large-  Mike Zipko



  • Committee Chairs

    Ambassador Committee
    Joe Aho

    Julie Novak

    Development Committee
    Jamison Randall

    Economic Development
    Gail Cederberg

    John Young

    Events Committee
    Valerie Mendoza



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    P: 651-646-2636 


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