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    Winners will be announced at the Annual Celebration, February 18, 2017!

    -Must be current members of the Midway Chamber of Commerce.

    -Contributes and promotes the economic growth, stability and improvement of the area which the Chamber serves.

    -Not have won an Award in the past 3 years.

    -Excel in an individual category criteria outlined below. 


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    *Please return form to the Midway Chamber of Commerce

    by Saturday, December 31, 2016

    Email to beth@midwaychamber.com.

     Nomination form can also be mailed to:

    1600 University Avenue West

    Spruce Tree Centre, Suite 301

    St. Paul, MN 55104



    Congrats to our 2016 Leadership Award Winners


    Large business of the year:


    Small business of the year:


    Non-profit of the year:


    Rookie of the Year:

    Volunteer of the Year:

    Cheryl O'Donnell


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    1600 University Avenue, Suite 301

    Saint Paul, MN 55104
    P: 651-646-2636 



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