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    Business Friendly Initiative 


    The Midway Chamber of Commerce created a Business Friendly Initiative (BFI) with the goal of aligning and connecting all the great initiatives happening to fuel economic development in St. Paul as well as breaking down the barriers that keep St. Paul's economic development from reaching its full tax base, charm, citizen opportunity and livability potential! To create these changes and set St. Paul on a growth trajectory aligned with its potential, partnership between all stakeholders is critical. 


    Because the Midway Chamber’s commitment is to the community as a whole, and we know this initiative can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership, this task force is NOT limited to only chamber members. We also believe there are many who work at the City who would like to see change, and we will work with them on reaching deliverable outcomes. Any business owner or relevant partner is welcome and earnestly requested to attend. It is our belief this removal of a financial barrier is modeling what we need to create economic opportunity with equity and harmony."


    We hope to hear from YOU! What are ways the City of Saint Paul can improve the process of obtaining a license? How can the business community and the City work better and more efficiently together? How can we get more businesses interested in locating and expanding in Saint Paul? We hope to hear from many individuals who are coming with different perspectives, priorities and experiences so we can be most effective in our efforts.


    The BFI Committee is chaired by Anne Hendrickson, Work it Coworking.



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